Workshop Artists Line-Up

Our Workshop Artists & Teachers at RSF

Misrepresentation of the arts can cause confusion and can undermine and demean the cultural heritage from that particular diaspora. Artists come from various diasporas around the world and are willing to share their craft within our festival workshop environment. We feel that it is important for our festival attendees to experience traditional and folkloric music and dance in its true and correct form, and from artists who are correctly representing their cultural heritage. To help ensure a good experience all around, we aim to bring and endorse artists who rightfully represent their traditional roots and culture. Marcus Brown, Director RSF

Our workshops over both Saturday and Sunday are the beating heart of the event where you can learn from top musicians, singers and dancers from around the world. We have many more fabulous workshop artist to add to the programme over the coming weeks and months, so keep you eye on this page for updates or follow our social media pages.