The Foolhardy Circus

The Foolhardy Circus

Workshops & Circus - The Foolhardy Folk

The Foolhardy Circus enjoy the challenge of producing new Circus Shows and comedy characters each year and will be out and about over the weekend entertaining you.

Cosmo Hardy has been clowning for 37 years in circus, theatre and television. He formed the Foolhardy Folk Clown Troupe along with his long term clown partner Joe Fool. Early tours and engagements took them round the world, performing in circus's as far afield as Thailand and Russia, as well as Europe and the UK.

Workshops with the Foolhardy Circus are both instructive and enjoyable.

Circus Skills Workshops are a fun way for children to spend an afternoon or morning at RSF, playing with traditional circus props (juggling, diabolo, tightrope, devil sticks, unicycle, balance poles, Pedal-Go's, Fun Wheels, and plate spinning), in a relaxed semi-formal workshop structure.

The workshops are taught by professional circus artistes from the Foolhardy Circus. The children get real, hands-on tuition from people who have spent over 20 years teaching and performing.

The Foolhardy Folk will be out and about during the festival with ‘street’ performances and comic goings-on. They will also be presenting an open air show on both Saturday and Sunday for all ages to enjoy.