Modou Diouf

Modou Diouf

Drumming Workshops: Senegalese Sabar Drumming Beginner & Intermediate/Advanced

Modou Diouf is a hugely popular Senegalese musician, credited with introducing Sabar drumming to scores of students and audiences throughout the UK.

His effortless mastery of the Sabar drums and huge smile will be set to pulsate throughout the festival, bringing joy to all those who love his style of drumming.

The Sabar drums use hand and stick technique with 'machine-gu'n like cross rhythms, and will require a keen ear and sense of call and response structures.

Modou was born in 1960 into a family of Gewel musicians 'Griots' of Northern Senegal). Modou's family were all born into the music of the Sabar Oulof. The rhythms form the basis of Mbalax music, popular across Senegal and used by artists such as Baaba Maal and Youssou N'dor. The Sabar is still used today in traditional settings in Senegal and The Gambia at weddings, naming ceremonies - and most especially at wrestling matches!

Modou is a very patient teacher who happily shares his craft with humour and gentle expertise.

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