Mariana Pinho

Mariana Pinho

Workshop - Brazilian Dance & Carnival Decor

Mariana Pinho is the producer of cultural interchange programs between Brazil and the UK, a dance teacher/choreographer and costume designer. Mariana has performed in the UK, Greece, Algeria, Germany, Scotland and Brazil.

For the last 8 years this artist have shared her general brazilian culture knowledge through Dance, Costume, Interchange and Artistic Directing and Producing. Mariana trained with Mabel (Bale Popular do Recife), Vania Oliveira(Fundacao Salvador), Joaquim Lino (Olodum) Anderson Nogueira & Ney (Maracatu Nacao Pernambuco).

As a costume designer and tutor, Mariana has worked with GRES Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel, Oxford Cherwell Valley College, Cardboard Citizens Theatre and Norca Arts for the Lord Mayor’s parade 2009. Mariana returns to Brazil at least once a year to keep updated on the latest dance steps and music, and she is dedicated to preserving and continuing traditional rhythms such as Maracatu and Coco from Pernambuco; and Samba Reggae and Afoxe from Bahia.

These dances are rich, lively, friendly and the music is always intense! Mariana will be teaching dance and running workshops over the weekend creating carnival décor.