Jon Sterckx

Jon Sterckx

Workshop - Kashaka/CasCas

We are delighted to welcome percussionist Jon Sterckx who will be running workshops using Kashaka or Cas Cas depending on your familiarity with the instrument.

Jon Sterckx is an experienced percussionist best know for his innovative Drumscapes multi percussion performances which he has performed twice at the globally renowned TED events, as well as at WOMAD, London International Arts Festival, Drumcamp and many of the UK's 'world music' events.

Jon trained in Indian tabla with teachers in India & UK and has been playing percussion from various traditions for 30+ years. Jon is also an experienced educator, and has delivered rhythm workshops, lectures and classes at festivals, universities, colleges & schools nationally & internationally for 20+ years.

Kashakas are a fantastic and very underrated, underused instrument, about which, Jon is keen to try to generate more interest . While on the one hand, they are a very simple shaker - they are also capable of some amazing rhythms and they are particularly good for learning/teaching polyrhythm.

Various advanced techniques are also possible, taking them to another level. They are also very good for developing left/right hand independence & tightening up timing, and are a great warm up instrument for percussionists, drummers & musicians of all backgrounds.

To watch videos and learn more about Jon: