Green policy

We are at the beginning of a long term ambition to become a carbon neutral festival. We know this cannot all be achieved in year one, so we are trying to balance our emissions by partnering with some pretty amazing NGOs and Sponsors, as well as ourselves, introducing some achievable initiatives from the start. Our eyes set on the present and the longer term goal.

Our key environmental objectives are:

  • Become powered by 100% renewables
  • Eliminate disposable plastics
  • Recycle 80% of recyclables
  • Introduce recycling deposits and reusable cups
  • Introduce composting toilets
  • Make travel by public transport a real alternative
  • Raise funds and campaign awareness for our NGO partners
  • Provide a space for inspiration

RSF Environmental Strategy

We are adopting an inspirational and robust environmental strategy to reduce the event’s carbon footprint and will actively engage with traders and service providers to drive home our operational objectives.

Our sponsor at RSF is pioneering Solar Power company Rowan Energy. They are working with us to develop a long term solution to our power consumption at RSF. Rowan Energy is the world’s first Community-Fed Green Energy company and we are looking forward to amazing developments and collaborations with them.

We are working with a specialist to build a Waste Management Plan that will create diligent and efficient sustainability strategies to cope with the waste our festival creates.

One of the main contributors to the waste left behind at festivals is single use plastics. As a result, RSF is adopting a no single use plastics policy. This will be implemented within all the workings of the festival where possible. It will include the wristbands, drinks cups, plates and cutlery used by food traders, water bottles, etc.

All contractors and traders will be asked to sign an agreement that they will work under the Waste Management Plan and a waste liaison officer will ensure that the agreement is upheld.

The venue is highly accessible and has been selected to incentivise travel by public transport, such as train and coach. Rail travel options are frequent and reliable. We have a contracted with a local bus operator Coach Services Ltd to provide free shuttle buses to and from Thetford train station.

We understand that not everyone has the option of using public transport to get to our festival. A separate ticket will need purchasing for anyone arriving by vehicle. 50% of this charge will be shared between the main NGOs partnering the event.