Families & Children

Children and under 15 year olds are free at RSF. Each parent/guardian may order up to 3 child/under 15 year old tickets with an Adult Full Event or Day ticket purchased.

Euston Park is a truly beautiful location with wide open park land and its jewel in the crown, the Pleasure Gardens. Here, we will create a safe and creative space for younger attendees to immerse themselves in nature and a world of workshops that will suit all ages.

Circus Skills Workshops

Both instructive and enjoyable, Circus Skills Workshops are a fun way for children to spend an afternoon or morning. Playing with traditional circus props (juggling, diabolo, tightrope, devil sticks, unicycle, balance poles, Pedal-Go's, Fun Wheels, and plate spinning), in a relaxed semi-formal workshop structure. ‚Äč

The workshops are taught by professional circus artistes from the Foolhardy Circus. The children get real, hands-on tuition from people who have spent over 20 years teaching and performing.

The Foolhardy Folk will be out and about during the festival with ‘street’ performances and comic goings-on. They will also be presenting an open air show on both Saturday and Sunday for all ages to enjoy.

Junk Percussion Workshops

Four lead artists and instrument makers will provide materials and instructional teaching for making instruments from recycled and upcycled materials including tin cans, plastic bottles, cardboard, plastic tubes, dry foods such as peas and beans, tent fabrics, bottle tops, broom handles and much more.

Participants will have all materials supplied to make and decorate their own instruments and learn the playing techniques of what they have created. The participants will be allowed to keep and take their instrument creations home with them.

Instruments to make include berimbau, frame drums and shakers, didgeridoo’s made from poster cardboard tubing, diddley bows, a slide guitar using upcycled wood, fishing line and tin cans and Bushwackers, created from plastic tubing and cut to varying lengths to make different tones.

Creative Planet

Led by expert creative’s from the world of carnival, puppetry and street theatre, a venue will be provided where participants will be able to learn how to make and decorate masks and headdresses, sculptures and lanterns, puppets - giant or small, and processional decoration.

International Storytelling

John Row is a wonderful and creative artist. He has travelled the world collecting and telling stories to adults and children alike over the past 40 years. John is a regular contributor to the World Storytelling Cafe and has will be appearing at the International Storytelling Festival in Marrakesh in February 2022. John will be with us throughout the weekend sharing new and ancient stories from around the world.

Music, Dance & Voice Workshops

A number of music, voice and dance workshops spread across six venues will be accessible for all ages. We will be listing all these workshops as we build the programme over the coming months. Visit our workshop line-up page for latest listings.

We have a duty of care to ensure all children and young teens are safe whilst at the festival. Please read our terms and conditions here before you buy your ticket.

Families & Children
Families & Children
Families & Children