Joe Caudwell

Joe Caudwell

Workshop - Didgeridoo Making and Playing

The Didgeridoo is a wind instrument developed by Indigenous Australians of northern Australia potentially within the last 1,500 years and still in widespread use today both in Australia and around the world. It is sometimes described as a natural wooden trumpet or "drone pipe".

Joe Caudwell has been playing, making and teaching didgeridoo for the last 21 years. He is a multi-instrumentalist playing many instruments including didgeridoo, djembe, cajon, handpan, tongue drum, Native American flute, percussion and lap steel guitar. His main passion is the didgeridoo, and he has a strong interest in more traditionally influenced styles of playing, particularly Yolngu hard tongue style from Arnhem Land.

Over the last few years Joe has provided performances, workshops, meditations and sound healings at many events, including: Isle of Wight Festival, Rhythmtree Festival, Le Reve de l'Aborigiene (France), Didg to Didg (France), Bestival and Singing Sticks.

Joe will be teaching you how to make your own Didg from recycled cardboard and plastic tubing. You will then have an opportunity to learn how to create the drone sound and develop your circular breathing technique, essential for producing the sound. Workshops open to all levels of ability.

Click here for Joe’s introduction to his driftwood Didg’s and also a track from his excellent CD release.