Claudio Kron Do Brazil

Claudio Kron Do Brazil

Samba Workshops - Claudio Kron do Brazil

Musician, percussionist, composer, poet and producer, Claudio has devoted his life to Afro Brazilian indigenous culture and tradition.

As a percussionist, both as a performer or teaching, Claudio has travelled the world: UK, New Zealand, Trinidad and Tobago, Ghana, Korea, using organic instruments and percussion such as Congas, Berimbau, Atabaque, Pandeiro. He has fantastic energy and musicianship to send the sounds of Brazil rippling through the weekend.

For his workshops, Claudio will be teaching mixed styles of Samba rhythms from Samba Reggae to Batacuda.

Samba is traditionally written in 2/4 and it’s a collective rhythms where many Brazilian percussion instruments are used: cuica, surdo, tamborim, pandeiro, ganza and ago-go bells.

Workshops are open to all levels. Claudio will also be performing at RSF with his band Papajaca – see Performers and DJs line-up.


Youtube Samba Taster: