Bopper Ranking

Bopper Ranking

DJ Set SATURDAY - Bopper Ranking Sound System Operator

Bopper Ranking, has been building and playing sound systems since 1976. One of the sounds he has been involved in building was Jah Hammer from Ipswich, which ran from the early 70’s until the mid 80”s, Jah Hammer played with sounds such as Jah Shaka, Sir Coxon and Nasty Rocker. Jah Hammer sound was a big sound at the time, so Bopper and the other members decided to build another sound for the younger followers, they let them run it, thus giving them the opportunity to develop their talents and experience in sound system culture for themselves.

Hammer Youth which over time gained its own substantial following. Years later, Bopper, along with close friends, built another sound named Melody 21st Century. As with Jah Hammer, Melody was used to promote and inspire young up and coming talent in the town. In the Late 90’s Bopper built Freedom Sound System where he is operator and Selector. As with all his other systems the speaker’s sound effects are all customised and mostly hand built by him-giving Freedom sound its own unique sound and character.

Over the years Bopper has been a Selector at many events, festivals and dances as well being a Sound System Operator and Engineer. Bopper is also a community Event Organiser, Youth Worker and Mentor and has been for over 25 years. He has recently set up his own record label and works with other producers. Bopper Ranking has always been inspired and motivated by Rastafari culture, history and consciousness.

The music he plays reflects this in always delivering a positive message. He also has a regular slot on Ipswich Community Radio which over the years has developed a growing following. In 2021 Bopper is still going strong and very active on the sound system scene as Operator and Selector of Freedom Sound System, working in collaboration with other Sound Systems and Producers around the Country.